Celebrazioni e Incorporazione di laici associati in Perù

Membri CPPS, con le Suore Adoratrici del Sangue di Cristo, posano in una foto di gruppo durante la celebrazione degli anniversari dei Missionari.

Il 17 agosto scorso, durante la celebrazione eucaristica per commemorare il 50 ° anniversario della presenza CPPS in Perù, 21 persone sono state ammesse come “Laici del Preziosissimo Sangue.” Dopo un periodo propedeutico di due anni, hanno preso il proprio impegno apostolico di conoscere, vivere e condividere il carisma, la spiritualità e la missione dei Missionari del Preziosissimo Sangue e delle Adoratrici del Sangue di Cristo.

Con il tema “50 anni di risposta al grido del Sangue”, i Missionari del Preziosissimo Sangue hanno festeggiato i loro primi 50 anni in Perù. Per festeggiare questo momento storico, hanno organizzato e svolto un meeting di tre giorni in cui hanno fatto un excursus attraverso la storia, di “ieri”, “oggi” e “domani”. La parte “ieri” è stata presentato da Padre James P. Gaynor CPPS, insieme a Padre William Beuth, CPPS, il “Presente”, invece, è stato presentato da Padre Dionicio Alberca, CPPS, mentre il “futuro” da Padre Joseph Deardorff, CPPS. Presente al raduno era anche il Moderatore Generale, Padre Francesco Bartoloni, CPPS. La celebrazione è culminata con una Santa Messa concelebrata da tutti i missionari presenti, seguita da una cena, con esecuzione di brani musicali e ricordi della missione peruviana.

Testo di Ricardo Llaque, Associato Laico, Perù
Foto per gentile concessione della Provincia di Cincinnati

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New Blood: A Conversation with Today’s Youth

From June 24 through July 1st,  sixteen women and men of our Precious Blood communities gathered at the International Center of Precious Blood Spirituality in Salzburg, Austria to begin a conversation on the challenges facing the youth of today and how Precious Blood spirituality can speak to their reality.  To read more about this gathering click here.

Text: Barry Fischer, ICPBS

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Representatives of our Lay Associates from around the world July 23-27, 2012

MERLAP participants gathered around the founder’s statue at San Felice, Giano.

Lay Associates from our various Provinces and Vicariates came together in Rome to celebrate community and spirituality. Some of the presentations will be printed in the next Cup of the New Covenant. Besides the presentations, the participants experienced the sacred ground of Giano. as well as walking in the footsteps of Gaspar as we toured Gaspar’s Rome and the significant places in his life.

Text and photo courtesy of Felix Mushobozi, General Secretary

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Brother Juan Acuña, C.PP.S., Definitively Incorporated

Bro. Juan and CPPS members present at the celebration

Brother Juan Acuña Gonzáles, C.PP.S., was definitively incorporated as a Missionary of the Precious Blood (C.PP.S.) during a liturgy held in Santiago, Chile, on August 18.

Brother Juan, 38, who was born in Santiago, has been studying and ministering in the United States for the past five years, but returned to his roots for his profession as a religious brother. The liturgy was celebrated at San Gaspar School, which is sponsored by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. It was at the school where Brother Juan first became acquainted with the Missionaries. He knew from his childhood that he wanted to be a Missionary, but the priests of the Congregation encouraged him to continue his education and learn more about life before making that commitment.

After earning a degree and working as a civil engineer in Chile, Brother Juan entered religious formation in 2007 in Dayton, Ohio. He felt called to be a brother, but there were no CPPS brothers in Chile. To be formed as a brother in the presence of CPPS brothers, he needed to relocate to the United States, where many religious brothers are part of the Cincinnati Province.

Bro. Juan celebrates with his mother, Odette, with a traditional Chilean dance.

His fluency  in English allowed him to pursue advanced courses in theology.  Earlier this year, Brother Juan completed a master of arts degree in pastoral studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He has volunteered with the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation in Chicago and has used his talents in photography and web design to aid the Congregation.

Fr. Larry Hemmelgarn, CPPS, provincial director of the Cincinnati Province, and six other C.PP.S. members from North America were on hand to witness Brother Juan’s commitment.

Brother Juan, the son of Odette González and the late Manuel Acuña, has been assigned as a learning specialist at Calumet College of St. Joseph in Whiting, Ind., which is sponsored by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

Text  courtesy of Jean Giesige, Cincinnati Province
Photos courtesy of Mr. Pedro Pablo Pino, teacher at Saint Gaspar College

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Temporary Incorporation of James Smith, CPPS

James Smith (fourth from the left) with the Cincinnati Provincial, Fr. Larry Hemmelgarn, CPPS (far left), and other candidates and formators.

Now in advanced formation with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, James Smith, C.PP.S., was temporarily incorporated during an August 11 liturgy in the Chapel of the Assumption at St. Charles Center in Carthagena, Ohio.

Fr. Hemmelgarn accepted Smith’s commitment during the liturgy, at which Fr. Jeffrey Kirch, C.PP.S., was the homilist. Community members, Companions and friends filled the chapel.

The Gospel message included the story of James and John, whose mother asked Jesus to give her sons seats at his right and left hands. Jesus, after telling their mother that those places were not his to give, turned to James and John and said, “Can you drink from the cup that I am going to drink?” (Matthew 20: 22).

“I’ve always wondered what gave James and John the strength to say, ‘Yes, we can.’ Even though they knew it would be dangerous and difficult to drink from that cup, they still said yes,” Fr. Kirch said in his homily. “One thing that allowed James and John to say yes was their life in a community of disciples. Their relationship with Christ and with one another gave them the strength to say yes even in the face of death.”

Smith, 27, said he has seen many Missionaries of the Precious Blood who have said yes to God’s calling, especially when he was on his special formation journey that took him to visit many C.PP.S. sites across the country.

It was that experience that gave him a greater sense of community with the C.PP.S., he said. “Traveling and observing the Missionaries in their natural habitat, getting to know them through what they’re doing and who they are, gave me a better perspective of what the Community is. I felt that I could really get to know them and see what they’re about,” he said.

What they are about, he said, is a passion for service to God’s people. “I see them really engaged in ministering with and among the people. Whatever ministry the guys are in is a reflection of their own gifts, and also meets a tremendous need within the Church and the Community,” he said. “At the same time, they are not consumed by their ministry. It’s not the only thing that defines them. They’re not the kind of people who don’t exist beyond their work. They know it’s okay to take in a movie now and then.”

Text and Photo: Jean Giesige, Cincinnati Province

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Celebraciónes e Incorporación de Laicos Asociados en el Perú

Miembros de la CPPS, junto con las hermanas Adoratrices de la Sangre de Cristo, posan en una foto de grupo durante la celebración del aniversario de los misioneros.

El 17 de agosto, durante la Eucaristía conmemorativa de los 50 años de la CPPS en el Perú, 21 personas fueron admitidas como “Laicos Asociados a la Sangre de Cristo”, quienes después de una preparación de dos años, hicieron su compromiso apostólico de conocer, vivir y compartir el Carisma, Espiritualidad y Misión de los Misioneros de la Preciosa Sangre y de las Adoratrices de la Sangre de Cristo.

Con el lema: “50 años de respuesta a los gritos de la Sangre”, los misioneros de la Preciosa Sangre celebraron los primeros cincuenta años en el Perú. Para conmemorarlo se realizó un encuentro de tres días en los que se hizo un recorrido a través de la historia, desde el “ayer”, el “presente” y el “futuro”, mirando hacia dónde y cómo va la misión peruana. El “ayer” estuvo a cargo de P. Santiago Gaynor C.PP.S  junto a P. Guillermo Beuth, el “presente” fue presentado por P. Dionicio Alberca C.PP.S y el “futuro” por P. José Deardorff  C.PP.S con la presencia del Moderador General. P. Francesco Bartoloni. La celebración culminó con una Eucaristía concelebrada por todos los misioneros presentes y una cena con números musicales y recuerdos de la misión peruana.

Texto: Ricardo Llaque, Laico Asociado, Perú
Foto: cortesía de la Provincia de Cincinnati

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Celebrations and Incorporation of Lay Associates in Peru

CPPS members, along with Sister Adorers of the Blood of Christ, pose in a group photo during the Missionaries’ anniversary celebration.

On August 17, during the Eucharistic celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of the CPPS presence in Peru, 21 people were admitted as “Lay Associates of the Precious Blood.”  After a two year period of preparation, they made their apostolic commitment to know, live and share the charism, spirituality and mission of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and the Adorers of the Blood of Christ.

With the theme “50 Years of Responding to the Cries of the Blood”, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood celebrated their first fifty years in Peru.  To commemorate it they conducted a three-day meeting in which they made a tour through history, from the “yesterday”, the “present” and “future.”  The “Yesterday” was presented by Fr. James P. Gaynor CPPS, along with Fr. William Beuth, CPPS;  the “Present” was presented by Fr. Dionicio Alberca, CPPS; and the “Future” by Fr. Joseph Deardorff, CPPS.  Also present for the gathering was the Moderator General , Fr. Francesco Bartoloni, CPPS.  The celebration culminated with a Mass concelebrated by all the missionaries present, followed by a dinner, with musical numbers and memories of the Peruvian mission.

Text by Ricardo Llaque, Lay Associate, Peru
Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Province

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Missionaries Celebrate Anniversaries

The Jubilarians in Assumption Chapel at St. Charles Center

Missionaries of the Precious Blood around the world marked the Feast of the Precious Blood with special liturgies, shared meals and other celebrations.

On July 2, at St. Charles Center in Carthagena, Ohio, USA, Community members, Companions, Amici, family and friends filled the Chapel of the Assumption for an afternoon Mass, where Fr. Larry Hemmelgarn, C.PP.S., provincial director of the Cincinnati Province, offered a blessing over members who were marking a milestone anniversary.

The 15 jubilarians from the Cincinnati and Kansas City Provinces represented a combined total of 745 years of ministry to the Church and the people of God, he said.

As priests or brothers, they have been “blood brothers to each other in the bond of charity.”

They made a covenant with God and with the Community when they were ordained or professed, Fr. Larry said, and “we acknowledge that such covenants are never made lightly or easily. They have made many sacrifices. We give thanks to God for the gift of their ministry and we celebrate God’s presence in them, in their ministry, and in all of us.”

Marking milestone anniversaries were the following Missionaries: 60 years, Fr. James Bender, Br. Gabriel Bridges, Br. Daniel Eisenman and Fr. Richard Riedel; 50 years, Fr. George Albers, Fr. John Hoying, Fr. Edgar Jutte, Fr. Joseph Rodak, Fr. Paul Sanders and Fr. James Sloan; 40 years, Br. Hugh Henderson, Fr. John Srode and Fr. Jerome Stack; 25 years, Fr. Matthew Jozefiak.

Text and photo courtesy of Jean Giesige, Cincinnati Province

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Spirituality and Experience

Dick Bayuk, CPPS (left) shares a story with Cincinnati Province member, Pat Patterson, CPPS

Fr. Dick Bayuk, C.PP.S., in his presentation on preaching at the Cincinnati Province’s assembly in May, touched on points both divine and practical for Precious Blood preachers. Connecting the human and divine, Fr. Bayuk said good preachers use both spiritual inspiration and hard-won human experience in their preaching.

“We believe that we are able to see and encounter grace everywhere. That is a very Catholic notion. Not every denomination has that in its very marrow,” he said. “Ultimately, if we have spirituality without experience, then it’s an abstraction. Sometimes we want to downplay the importance of experience, but ultimately, that’s where theology begins. Spirituality that is not incarnated is just an ideology, unconnected to anything. The Eucharist, for example, is the experience of the incarnation in the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s not just some sort of ritual that we go through. It’s incarnated. We are immersed into that experience.

“The Eucharist itself is a communal experience of spirituality. We commune for the purpose of being for one another that which we become: the body given, the blood poured out. That’s not the whole sum of the Eucharist, but that’s a point at which it is very much connected with our spirituality. We talk about being poured out for others, as the cup is poured out for us. That’s a very powerful image.”

Text and Photo courtesy of Jean Giesige, Cincinnati Province

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CCSJ Pays Visit to Guatemala

CCSJ students distributing tooth brushes to the youth of the parish

Eight people from Calumet College of Saint Joseph [CCSJ], which is sponsored by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, spent a week at La Labor, Guatemala in May. Students, faculty and staff members of the college have been doing outreach service work at Sangre de Cristo parish and the surrounding 13 villages for the past ten years.

This year the group was involved with several mission outreach projects. The college group carried over 650 pounds of various school, sewing, religious and dental goods to the 14 villages of La Labor.

One afternoon the group members helped in the dental hygiene outreach program that the health project of the parish offers to various grade schools. Volunteers gave toothbrushes and toothpaste to school children, then taught them the importance of good dental care.

The CCSJ members also had the opportunity to visit the school that is associated with Sangre de Cristo parish in La Labor. The school, the María de Mattias Education Institute, is overseen by Sr. Kris Schrader, ASC. The college brought 278 Spanish school books. Most of these new books were donated by Saint John the Baptist School in Hammond, Ind. The books will be used by the mobile school library. Also, the group helped paint the exterior of the recreational/multipurpose court for the institute.

An afternoon was spent at the sewing center in La Laguneta, Guatemala. The college helped purchase several sewing machines for the local church in order for the women to learn sewing skills. The sewing project has been a tremendous success. Several groups of women have completed the sewing courses and now are making school uniforms and other clothing items for their children. It is a way for the women to learn a skill and spend less money on clothing for their families.

Text and Photo: Jerry Schwieterman, CPPS

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