New Publications in Polish

The new Precious Blood texts in Polish

Recently the publishing house of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in Poland published several books related to our spirituality.  Father Wojciech Czernatowicz translated the letters of the Saint Gasper,  thus created three books: The Precious Blood, Community and Humility.  Also thanks to Father Wojciech we also have translated quotations from the letters of St. Gasper for each day and the book of Father Tullio Veglianti, I cannot, I must not, I will not.

In the past we have released as a book the doctoral thesis of Father Jaroslaw Jablonski entitled: The Blood of Christ – an expression of love of God. Additionally,  we have published a breviary for the prayers of the laity in the spirituality of the Blood of Christ.

Fr. Damian Siwicki, Director of Publications and Publishing in Poland

Text and photos courtesy of: Lukasz Tarnowski, CPPS

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